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    IPZ-508 Forbidden To Attack The Immorality

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    IPZ-508 Forbidden To Attack The Immorality
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    IPZ-508 Forbidden To Attack The Immorality, “One day, in the Yoko Kawasaki Central City district. A criminal has fled from prison, this guy who has done many rapes is a dangerous crime. During the time he escaped he broke into the house. And then many thrilling situations happened ….
    Invite you to watch movies that will tell you a lot or … ”
    Some of the translator’s own comments on the film: “This is a film that has been carefully chosen by the actor quite beautifully, good content. The scenes are relatively standard, and the more important is the rather long film. , AE can take advantage of the new movie waiting time … ”
    – Nana Aida / 1980 / 83-60-89 / 1m66
    – Nami Minami / 1994 / 83-57-82 / 1m63