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    #J1 Kylie Page
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    Penalty for female employees spoiled

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    Penalty for female employees spoiled
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    Penalty for female employees spoiled, Kylie Page is facing the risk of being extremely high fired, she is called up to the director’s office to criticize for acts of wrong behavior at work. From putting a huge chest on a copier and printing out the lack of cultural images to the masturbation room in the office right now, many employees complained and angry, including the director. He called her up to announce that she was going to be fired for what he did. At this risk, Kylie came up with a way to keep her favorite job. She used her huge breasts and her big ass to seduce the director and have sex with him to create a close relationship between the two. The department thought so because she knew there was nothing left to lose, just try it once! And finally luckily smiled at this lewd employee.